Black Does Not crack

Уважаемый посетитель, по ссылке выше можно скачать Black Does Not crack. Скачивание доступно на компьютер и телефон через торрент.

Black Does Not crack

Black people and aging\\n\\n***\\n\\nLearned something? Leave a tip and help me create more videos: https:\/\/\/$kimfos or https:\/\/\/FuchsiaMediaGroup\\n\\n::REQUIRED READING::\\nDo Black Women Age Slower Than White Women?

Women and Men of Color who kept their youthful appearance. While many see it as a playful phrase, some are looking more into it from a scientific point of view. Does having melanated skin have a benefit in the aging race?

Cruelty-free and Vegan Beauty for WOC

Melanin is produced when melanocytes are simulated by the Sun’s UV rays. These melanocytes are than put into overdrive to produce more melanin to protect the skin from sun damage. AMAZING, RIGHT?!?!

Now, everyone can produce more melanin (yes, darker-skinned individuals can get darker!), but what makes individuals with tan to deeper complexions are the build-in sun shields we have. Through evolution, the melanin within my skin wouldn’t fade completely. I do get slightly darker in the summer, but once winter comes around it is not a huge difference in shades. So what does melanin have to do with aging?

While the Sun keeps life on Earth going, it does produce two different rays: UVA and UVB. These rays are radiation. For everyone new to that term, it is the not the best for life if exposure to it for a long period of time. Radiation like UVA and UVB, can damage cells at a molecular level. Wrinkles and dark spots are just a few affects long, non-protected Sun exposure can do the skin. This is why melanin is important; it is protection. If individuals have a higher level of melanin, chances of wrinkles and dark spots forming are lower than those who do not have the correct protection.

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His female is half of the problem NW people face worldwide. Do not aspire to “love” like racists have done and continue to do. Give them back their psychopathic “love.” Their “love” kills millions… the earth, the animals, the air, the water and NW people worldwide.

Rm, Rw, and Rc aka socio/psychopaths/malignant narcissists/cesspoolians refuse to see Black people as humans with a Creator given right to just BE. I get bored hearing victims reciting like it’s a mantra- this Black person or that Black person was murdered or savaged in some way because he/she/they were Black.

There is nothing wrong with my skin color, my nose, my hair, etc. There are MANY THINGS wrong with racists/white supremacists. I, as a Black person, am magnificent and made in the image of the Most High All- Source. I am a precious part of the holy macrocosm!

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